Show Partners

Institutional partner : Shanghai Exhibition Center

The Shanghai Exhibition Center (SEC) has a total floor space of 80,000 square meters, of which 22,000 square meters are open for exhibition purposes. SEC is a perfect venue for conference, exhibition and large-scale event in Shanghai.

 Institutional partner : La Fédération de la Maille & de la Lingerie

La Fédération de la Maille & de la Lingerie brings together the companies active at all levels of the textile and clothing industry: fabrics, clothing, outsourcers, brands and distribution.

 Trends partner : Concepts Paris*

As an undisputed and trusted leader in the world of bodyfashion Concepts Paris* is renowned for high taste and creativity in all aspects of design and trend prediction for bodyfashion and is reputed for a deep knowledge and understanding of the industry and international markets.

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