Eurovet will dedicate the second edition of Sportiv’ to modern women seeking a new version of sensuality. The space will showcase a hotbed of the latest breakthroughs in women’s sportswear.
Our ambition: to make activewear as aspirational as it is necessary.

A brand new female identity is taking shape. Following on from the active woman, a new face has appeared – the sporty woman.

In the era of “healthywear”, luxury means taking time for yourself! Sport, wellbeing, and a balanced diet have turned women into incredible superwomen.

As a result, the “wear anywhere” concept is increasingly popular, taking activewear out on to the streets, even into our offices, and throughout our daily lives.

Athleisure and ‘workleisure’ are the direct results of this new lifestyle ideal, and they bring a fresh influence. Athleticwear can be on-trend, technical, high performance, and seductive at the same time.


At the trade show, you’ll find brands such as:
Anita active, Bia Brasil, Freya, Lolë, Panache sport, Yoga Searcher, Yvette, Zsport…


Sneak previews of the talks proposed at the show (non-exhaustive):
Work leisure: the new trend by Vanessa Causse, Eurovet.
Athleisure cosmetics by Dune Payot, Yoga Searcher Beauty.
New feminists by Pauline Bonafous, Carlin Creative Trend Bureau.
Female athletes, a new sporty and fashionable generation by Aurélie Bresson, Les Sportives.
Healthy Lifestyle by Maximilian Frank, Detox Delight
Athleisure community by Lolë


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