Simone Pérèle’s new brand image reaches out to real women

9 juillet 2017

In the industry, the Simone Pérèle name is synonymous with French savoir-faire and creative elegance.

But the brand doesn’t enjoy the same notoriety with consumers. So the house has decided to take charge with more visibility for end customers. First step: a Parisian flagship store to meet these ladies on their own turf. Second step: a new image that expresses the brand’s commitment to being part of women’s lives; meeting their needs, no matter what their body type; and helping them become confident. To do this, Simone Pérèle decided to shine the spotlight on women who have had enough faith in themselves to meet their goals. The brand started with the idea that self-confidence starts especially with lingerie, since you have to feel good about your body and be at your best to project a positive image.

Beginning with winter 2017/18, Simone Pérèle will communicate through real women ambassadors who have been able to reach their full potential. The photos will show them in their daily lives and in real situations. Since the viewer will often get just a glimpse of their lingerie, it will be shown in a still life next to the photo. These « Simones » are not just pretty faces; they speak out to share their vision of success and resilience. According to Mme Pérèle,  « Self confidence is a beauty that never fades ». It’s a quote that the new generation in charge of the brand has decided to make its own.


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