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Lingerie – Swimwear – Activewear


Eurovet benefits from the combined expertise of its two shareholders: the influential French Fédération de la Maille et de la Lingerie, and Comexposium, a leading organiser for both professional and general public trade shows.

Since its beginnings, Eurovet has served the industry with a resolutely international culture and built its reputation by creating events in all the world’s strategic locations. Eurovet’s trade shows are designed to bring people together; they are business accelerators, image catalysts, and sources of innovation and inspiration for the businesses around the world that believe in us.

Eurovet is the undisputed world leader for lingerie and swimwear, with international events in Paris, New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Las Vegas, and Moscow. It is also the French reference for sports textiles and equipment trade shows.

We are enthusiastic about working as closely as possible with the businesses we serve, through our Clichy home office near Paris, our branches close to the New York and Hong Kong markets, and in Annecy, France’s own ‘Outdoor Valley’.

‘We believe in trade shows where the power of human interaction is at the core of business development and innovation, and this is especially crucial during economic crises. Our events bring together international talents to inspire enthusiasm, rebuild confidence, and identify new keys and places for growth’.

We believe in the efficiency of direct media, and our events put businesses at the centre of the professional community to improve their results with new business contacts, direct marketing tests, feedback on collections, motivation for teams and clients, professional media exposure, and more.
With a star portfolio of international trade shows (the Salon International de la Lingerie has existed for 50 years and Mode City for 30 years), one of our strengths is our ability to launch new projects on the other side of the world with just a few months’ lead time and make them available to you.

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