Company Name : BROBE

Country: United States


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  • Premium (91-200)
  • Mid-range (50-90)
  • Entry-level (0-49)

The Brobe is a National Award Winning luxurious robe with a built-in attached bra designed for women throughout different stages in their life, like cancer treatment recovery and childbirth. The first functional, yet feminine garment for women, designed specifically for women with breast cancer and for nursing mothers. The recovery process can sometimes be a long, painful and even isolating experience. Most patients don’t even walk outside because of the pain, lack of mobility in their chest and arms and uncomfortable clothing that is provided.For years patients who come out of surgery require post operative wound drains so the body does not swell. Patients can have anywhere from 1-8 drains after surgery. In the past, they have had to pin post operative drains to their clothes or tape the drains to their skin which makes it uncomfortable and painful. The recovery process after major surgery such as a mastectomy, organ transplant, or open heart surgery is a sensitive and sometimes traumatic time for the patient mentally.  Often times the patient feels anxious about the drains being accidentally pulled from the skin due in a lack of functional products to keep them secure which help ease their mind and reduce infection. The Recovery Brobe has pockets built inside the robe to hold post op fluid drains. The bra, which is detachable, fastens in the front with velcro and has pockets build inside to hold ice packs and/or a prosthetic breast.
We also have the Mommy Brobe for expecting and nursing moms as well as mastectomy bras(that are covered under insurance) and the Shower Belt to hold drains while in the shower or under clothing. We design products with the patient in mind.

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