Rethink Intimate Apparels – Project #4

16 March 2018

@ INTERFILIERE HONG KONG – March 27 & 28, 2018


by Wai Tung (Emily) WONG

Increasing popularity of exercising globally can’t be denied and for example, running has become one of the most popular sports. More and more global brands are combining “fashion and fitness” into their design as consumers increasingly adopt a “24/7” active look. This has driven key segments of the sportswear to shift. However, if, in summer, you need breathable fabrics that help your body cool down fast, in the winter, you’d better use apparel with different properties and materials, who help you maintain a constant body temperature.

Emily has studied the Merino wool properties, examined the different criteria of using Merino wool in sports bra, and performed mechanical, physical and moisture wicking tests to finally identify the most suitable Merino Wool for sports bra. Furthermore, she has designed and developed a prototype with better performance than the market samples she has been testing during her study.

She will be on Interfilière Hong Kong on March 27th. to let you know more about her project. Make sure to stop by the HONG KONG POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY booth and vote for her if you like her project.


Emily Wong, 22, who is meticulous, diligent and thoughtful. She is studying the BA (Hons) in Fashion and Textiles (Intimate Apparel) at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. During her study, she is working at Innovance Textile Ltd. as an assistant designer to gain related technical experience like model fitting, pattern-making. She had also worked as an design trainee in Crystal Martin for two months. Therefore, she has great experience in intimate apparel industry and familiar with the skills such as lingerie design, bra fitting and pattern drafting. In her study, she has investigated a research and design study of Merino wool sports bra for enhancing the ability of maintaining body temperature in a cold weather. The in-depth fabric study with the basic knowledge of human integumentary system have helped her in exploring the activewear market in Asian region.

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