Asahi Kasei, Lenzing and Eastman are waiting for you on the Trend Forum “Nature moves us”

11 January 2018

The best remedy against mindless consumption.
Actionable reflections and concrete solutions from lingerie specialists who are each building a new sustainable future.

Focus on Fibres with Asahi Kasei, Lenzing and Eastman.

In fashion lingerie and beachwear are most dependent on petrol based synthetics. Millions of non degradable polyurethane cups and tons of elastomer. Nylon and polyester are the livelihood of lingerie and beachwear industries. Consumers start to ask questions… non-padded bras are not just a fashion fad.
Presented solutions are tested, certified and directly available.
Star players: Lenzing, Asahi Kasei, Eastman. Results are very promising – time is of the essence!



Asahi Kasei makes a very strong impact in the bodyfashion world with smart functions divided into consumer focussed families. Roica Eco-Smart family, ROICA™ Feel Good family, ROICA™ Colour Perfect family, ROICA™ Resistance family and ROICA™ Contour family.
The ROICA™ CF yarn delivers an odour-neutralizing function that does not wash or wear out. Its active ingredient is locked in the yarn and only needs a modest % to work in any fabric matrix.
Roica Eco-Smart family is world’s first sustainable, eco-stretch elastane that is GRS certified (Global Recycling Standard by Textile Exchange). Its production uses polymer science to repurpose pre-consumer waste.
Invented in 1931, Cupro is reborn and improved to be Eco-Sustainabable and has just received the GRS certification (Global Recycling Standard). Cupro is incomparable, the result of transformation of cotton lint waste and reflects, in fibre technology, a “circular economy” approach to raw material. Cupro is cool to the skin and sensual with a unique, supple drape, is antistatic and regulates humidity and perfect for athleisure, loungewear and underwear.



TENCEL™ Luxe is an innovation of cellulosic filament by Lenzing. TENCEL™ Luxe lyocell filaments create lightweight fabrics with liquid-like drape and silky smooth handfeel. Essential of TENCEL™ Luxe is a highly efficient closed loop technology. The production process capacitates close to zero emissions and more than 99% waste is recovered and reused. TENCEL™ Luxe is an excellent choice for upmarket lounge and sleepwear. The eco-botanic filaments are naturally breathable and offer outstanding colour vibrancy, making it ideal for multifunctional dress for relaxing, travel, after the pool.
Lenzing’s response to the demand from the luxury market for eco products will be a 60 gauge TENCEL™ yarn for seamfree knitting.



Eastman launched its cellulosic yarn brand Naia™ a year ago at Interfilière Paris with a favourable response from the intimate market, reacting to the trend towards natural materials. Fabrics with Naia™ are hypoallergenic and breathable, have a silky luxurious drape and hand-feel. Naia™ adapts to knitted and woven fabrics is has good printing properties. Market leaders such as Best Pacific, Billion Rise, Sinotex, Wanjiali and Sanko have successfully created Naia-based fabrics. In collaboration with Iluna, the first Naia™ lace is being launched at this fair. Naia™ was recently awarded with the Class I Oeko-Tex 100 label.

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