Asahi Kasei introduces Roica™ Lifestyle Brands.

12 July 2017

Asahi Kasei was keen to present the new identity of its Roica™ family of premium stretch fibres alongside key partners.

The group’s goal is to highlight its commitment to promoting responsible and smart innovation within all its ranges: Roica™ Eco Smart, Roica™ Colour Perfect and Roica™ Feel Good.

Asahi Kasei made the most of the show to unveil its latest textile innovations: Roica™ Fabric Gallery allowed everyone to identify unique stretch solutions within the rich and diverse range of stretch yarns in the Roica™ Eco Smart family, which are manufactured sustainably. Roica™ Lab is used to identify and promote the performances of the Roica™ Feel Good family, including the latest addition, Roica™ CF yarn, which neutralizes odours, offering freshness and softness. Maglificio Ripa has achieved impressive results using the yarn.


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