The Exception


The Exception is a cutting-edge space which has highlighted a specific theme exclusively at the January session of Interfilière Paris for six editions.

Following in the footsteps of lace, embroidery, silk, jacquard and ultra-lightness, the 2018 edition offers a surprising and original journey through fabric surface effects.

For hands-on exploration, this textile language delves into the unexpected and features five different themes: skin touch, teddy bear, strange sensation, cold surface and craft work.

A visionary and visual itinerary, sensual and sensitive, structured around a giant sculpture of raw textiles, which incorporates contemporary creations in the form of fashion, design, textile and video, as well as research carried out by the show’s exhibitors.

Bedazzlement and embellishment, vision and touch, aesthetic and technical features combine in a deliberate and unapologetic confrontation which topples preconceived ideas to leave room for the imagination.

Tattooing, felting, smoothing, cutting, embroidering… words that evoke tactile sensations and contradictory perceptions. The lightest of touches, skimming, squeezing, tapping, feeling. The Exception offers visitors/spectators the opportunity to immerse themselves in an interactive space, full of surprises and enjoyment.

Whether hand-crafted or future technologies, untreated or extremely sophisticated surfaces, artisan or industrial approaches …offerings from home or abroad, each and every element plays a part in rewriting the word ‘innovation’.





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