21 June 2017

To coincide with the Interfilière Paris trade show on 8, 9 & 10 July, Gayou Lace is offering a sneak preview of a host of innovative laces!

Asia’s most international lace-maker Gayou Lace specializes in knitted lace. The company is very serious about design, creativity and innovation, as well as being committed to increasingly environmentally-responsible production.

For autumn-winter 2018/19, Gayou Lace is giving pride of place to creativity. The lace-maker is unveiling a series of totally innovative and original knit laces, taking advantage of the technical capabilities offered by the company’s state-of-the-art equipment to create previously unseen effects.

“Textures in Textronic”: varying thread tensions create astonishingly lifelike flowers

“Painted lace”: lace serves as a canvas for “painting” designs using digital printing

“Dynamic Textured Lace”: an optical effect creates the illusion of a rich, textured lace while preserving the soft and comfortable hand-feel

“Cotton Feel”: with a soft handle and natural-effect fibres, light, second-skin laces are ideal for any style of intimates


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