Rethink Intimate Apparels – Project #1

16 March 2018

@ INTERFILIERE HONG KONG – March 27 & 28, 2018


by Yuen Yu (Cindy) WONG

If you ask a woman what she thinks about backless bra, most of time she will tell you that it is great because it gives her more opportunities on what she wants to wear, but she will always be careful regarding the weather or the type of activities she may do, as when get sweaty adhesive bras have a tendency to slide.

Cindy has reviewed the factors affecting the performance of backless bra and adhesion on human skin. The main problems of fitting and durability in the existing backless bras are identified in order to develop a prototype with critical design criteria.

She will be on Interfilière Hong Kong on March 27th. to let you know more about her project. Make sure to stop by the HONG KONG POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY booth and vote for her if you like her project.


Wong Yuen Yu, Cindy, is currently studying Fashion and Textiles and specializing Intimate Apparel in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
Being persistent, curious and motivated, Cindy is willing to go over and beyond. Besides receiving education in Hong Kong, she had the experience to be an international exchange student at De Montfort University, the United Kingdom for one semester. Her curiosity and awareness of customers’ needs in the market drove her to investigate adhesive and backless bras and improve the durability and fitting of adhesive bras for her final year project at university.
Being earnest, passionate and cooperative, she is a team player and fast learner with good ability to build relationships with different customers and colleagues and to complete projects in fast-paced deadline oriented and quickly adjust to changing environment. She was an intern of technical trainee and assistant in two companies in the fashion industry.
With fashion-related knowledge and enthusiasm about lingerie, Cindy strives for expanding her fashion or intimate apparel industry experience.

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