Interfilière, the only international Rendez-vous for the Bodyfashion supply chain.

Interfilière is the proven platform for making contacts and doing business. It’s the place where all the professionals of the lingerie, beachwear and athleisure markets come together. The trade shows are incubators for progressive thinking and accelerators for trends. Interfilière explains what consumers want and anticipates evolutions in growth markets. More than ever before, it’s the reflection of a constantly changing international market that’s driven by innovation and performance, either in fibers, fabrics, skills, machines nor design.



Interfilière Shanghai show ends the year!

A synthesis of the different themes highlighted throughout the year, but the unique Rendezvous between China, the leading textile manufacturing country, and the rest of the world.
With an impressive selection of bodywear industry specialists attending as exhibitors, the show analyses consumer expectations and anticipates evolutions in growth markets.

It is the reflection of a constantly changing market that is driven by innovation and performance.

250 exhibitors from 17 countries

7 Product based sectors:

  • FABRICS: Knits, woven, prints, finishing…
  • EMBROIDERIES: Sublime stitches
  • LACES: Chantilly to petit picot
  • ACCESSORIES: Closures, elastics tapes, buttons, bra cups, trims, beads, ribbons…
  • TEXTILE DESIGNERS: Textile designs for beachwear, lingerie and activewear
  • OEM/ODM: Manufacturing capacities
  • MACHINERIES: Fibers, yarns and machineries


More than 7,000 visitors

Top 10 visiting countries:

  1. China
  2. Hong Kong
  3. South Korea (+1)
  4. Taiwan (-1)
  5. Japan
  6. Thailand
  7. USA
  8. France
  9. Russia (New entry)
  10. Australia


Fashion & Trend Expertise

Interfilière is the trade show that kick-starts trends and stirs up inspiration…

Each new session, fresh exhibitors offers buyers a host of discoveries, while loyal leading exhibitors continues to demonstrate boundless creative flair. This ensures that Interfilière is entirely dedicated to new fabrics, new looks, generating new markets such as shapewear few years ago.

Continual product development is the secret to success in these emerging markets…

Interfilière unveils future trends ; this is where the future collections take shape!

Resulting of several months of hard work, the trends forum showcases the most striking items from forthcoming collections. Featuring trends, colours, prints and fabrics, the forum is the first destination for every show visitor. Displayed in harmony with the season’s key themes, the forum offers visitors the opportunity to discover must-see laces, embroidery, fabrics and accessories from exhibitor collections.

The development of partnerships between brands and fabric creating very highest standard and unique designs, the Evolution trends book and its colour range, as well as conferences given by trend forecasting agencies, allowed Interfilière to drive trends while offering genuine expertise.

How are the trends identified?

Colour discussions

Few months prior to the trade show, Interfilière organises a meeting to determine the colour palette that will set the tone for future trends. These colours inspire the lingerie and beachwear collections that show up in the stores two years after that initial meeting. This roster of fashion professionals (trends agencies and prestigious guests) also comes together to evaluate, discuss and predict the next trends. Their analysis based on current trends, often inspired directly from the street, travel or meetings, allowed them to identify together the next major trends.

The Trends Book

Based on the report from the Colours discussion, the Trends Book is then created by the Concepts Paris trends agency in collaboration with the trade show team. As soon as exhibitors register for the show, they have preview access to this essential reference and they use it to create their collections. For visitors, it’s a vital and valuable tool that gives them information for their upcoming collections.


The Trends Forum, synthesis of the trends

The major trends covered in the Trend Book are then integrated into the different areas of the Trends Forum. The teams from Interfilière and Concepts Paris than selects the most representative and creative samples from exhibitors to be showcased in the Trend Forum.


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