16 May 2017

In this period of crisis and uncertainty, with our systems being called into question, sales and buying models are developing to reposition the human element at the very heart of our business. A number of projects have been initiated in a spirit of collaboration, redirecting the buying experience back towards the people involved.

Thus, start-ups are working to re-establish links and relationships that have been lost by e-shops and boutiques, ensuring that beauty consultants or stylists accompany buyers at each stage in their purchase, helping them choose between sizes, cuts or pairing tops and bottoms.

In central Berlin a new experimental and alternative approach has developed where the range of jewellery, shoes, fashion and food on offer is treated in a more interactive way, combining cross-over products and retail in motion.

This is a must-see space … full of simple ideas to boost dynamism and arouse the buyer’s curiosity.

The German activewear giant, Adidas, has found a location to test out a new approach to consumers. It has created the Knit for you pop-up store.

Adidas is working on the automated manufacturing of merino-wool sweaters. A wide range of technologies are available in the space, including a body scanner and cutting-edge knitting machines, inviting consumers to create unique and customized designs while involving them at every step of the manufacturing process. The pop-up store seeks to satisfy the consumer’s need for creativity and ‘humanization’ while creating high-tech and tailor-made fashion. The consumer experience is at the heart of Adidas research. Its “Storefactory” project is moving towards a more individualized offer and renewing the in-store experience.

Providing the opportunity to design our own wardrobe, the experiment lets us try our hand at being colourists and pattern-makers!

Vanessa Causse


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