19 May 2017

Waimari was created in 2015 by Colombian sisters Maria Catalina and Stéphanie. The two have been passionate about fashion since they were little girls; and now they’ve created a beachwear/resortwear brand with a Bohemian vibe. The collection, which takes a fresh approach to the basic beachwear concept, also makes a perfect travel wardrobe.

The duo grew up in the Caribbean, where floaty fabrics, transparencies, and the region’s colour formed their style aesthetics. The brand is strongly influenced by Colombia’s rich cultural heritage and by also by Latin women.

Waimari works in close partnership with local artisans in their Barranquilla atelier where each collection is designed. All the pieces are handmade. The brand represents a world-wide evolution, imagining today’s women as chic gypsies who spend their lives travelling the world, going from one exquisite location to another, or who simply adopt that style in their daily lives.


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