27 April 2017

Shieglee Ferreira dos Santos, the designer behind the Uzurii brand, was raised in the Amazon rainforest until she was five years old. She then moved to the slums of Rio de Janeiro where she owned her first pair of flip-flops. As Shieglee herself explains: “Because clothing and footwear were handed down from one child to another, I decorated them with everything I could find on the street just to make them a bit nicer.’’

6 years ago, she met a woman behind a stand in the market selling flip-flops that she decorated herself. She stood there glued to the ground and saw her entire childhood on that table. That evening she began writing her business plan for designing flip-flops in the Netherlands. The next day Uzurri was born!

In 2011, Uzurii Luxury Footwear was officially launched and made its way into the world of high fashion. All designs are made by hand and require a special technique.

A brand not to be missed!



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