Eurovet (EN)


3 March 2020

Who is driving the long anticipated growth in sustainability? Today, 74% of the Generation Z consumers (18 to 29) prefer to buy from sustainably-conscious brands. The youth’s enthusiasm for eco-conscious brands is influencing the market as a whole. In the US, 34% of consumers declare themselves to be concerned about how the clothes they wear affect the environment. More than ever, consumers are driving market demand for products that are in line with their values. Understanding the many facets of sustainability is vital to succeeding in the dynamic and evolving intimate apparel industry.



REVEAL the ins and outs of the ever-changing intimate apparel industry. UNCOVER the desires of the consumer. DISCOVER the innovations in design, trend and production. SHOW OFF the improvements of inclusivity in the industry. TEACH the importance of the perfect fitting bra. ELEVATE key intimate apparel brands and retailers driving the industry. CELEBRATE the beauty of intimate apparel in all forms. WATCH the up and coming brands that provide innovative products. PROVOKE thought on a world that’s changing and evolving. LEAD the industry by providing information relevant for all. And finally SHARE with you our PASSION, for LINGERIEFASHION, and DESIGN!

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