French Luxury Beach Brand WI-PARIS takes the West Indies to Paris

19 May 2022

Opened in last January 2019, the new family-run WI-PARIS was created by Jaky Sainsily to offer a new vision of Island style. The aim is to blend the classic character of the Parisian with the colourful madness of a Caribbean woman.

WI-PARIS jewel is the Bodysuit. Rather a body swimsuit ! The brand offers only limited editions, favouring the rarity of products and offering unique pieces. It unleashes the creative process with the recurrence of new, all amazing and original pieces. WI-PARIS provides as well a range of beachwear and precious accessories -with a small collection of bags, handmade pouches and highly stylish costume jewellery.

WI-PARIS chooses to collaborate with various creators around the world, in order to promote multiple crafts, and then, to strengthen the desire of travelling through the brand.

A very meticulous choice of the textile materials allows shaping and emphasizing the women silhouette.

WI-PARIS elegant swimsuit (Photo: WI-PARIS)

The brand prefers to work with original and textured materials to create various and unexpected volumes on the bodysuit. WI-PARIS values French craftsmanship by using an exceptional weaving, invented in the 19th century by Joseph-Marie Jacquard. WI-PARIS Jacquard fabrics are of course made in France and comes from Lyon, the city where it is originally produced by tradition. The brand mostly cooperates with Spanish and Italian textile producers with a Lycra certification. By choosing to propose soft bodysuits, WI-PARIS combines comfort and elegance. The cutting, finishing techniques and textiles sculpt an ideal silhouette.

WI-PARIS double objective:

– To create outstanding, high-quality products, while respecting production methods.

– Ensure that the various manufacturing companies involved in the production respect the working conditions of their employees.

WI-PARIS chooses to manufacture its collections in France, and in countries where manufacturing companies are selected for their ethics, such as France, Mauritius, Greece and of course Guadeloupe, in the Caribbean, where the WI-Paris brand originates.

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