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26 June 2017

ROICA™ premium stretch fiber is a contemporary innovation designed for everyday life by Asahi Kasei in an innovative range of smart functions for every Modern Wardrobe need ROICA™ is the secret ingredient in everyday living for sport, intimates, fashion, accessories and business wear.

Some yarns are selected to deliver a targeted performance, while others can be used for many different applications by virtue of their smarter, world first functional templates.

These are the ROICA™ families of specialty yarns for different functions:

  • ROICA™ Eco-Smart: A true world-first with the most contemporary sustainable range of responsibly produced premium ingredients that are a key part of the Asahi Kasei mission to improving eco-impacts while creating value with values for customers and consumers alike.
    ROICA™ Colour Perfect: ROICA™ offers a family of yarns that can give excellent, flawless and world unique colour dimensions in advanced fit solutions.
    ROICA™ Resistance: A high performance range of stretch solutions with performance resistance designed for match particular applications including heat and chlorine resistance in make and wear.
    ROICA™ Feel Good: A unique range of advanced stretch yarns that deliver personal performance and measurable wellness, freshness and comfort metrics for travel, sport, leisure and more.
    ROICA™ Contour: A family of yarns that create new shaping, stretch and silhouette solutions for a calibrated fit, effortless control, softness, comfort and support.

CUPRO, by Asahi Kasei, is a one-of-a-kind, matchless and original, new generation material made from the smart-tech transformation of cotton linter bio-utility waste, converted through a traceable and transparent closed loop process. Made in Japan, CUPRO also delivers on laboratory verified end of life options, and a finalized LCA study, signed by ICEA. This important step builds and confirms a new quality profile that helps define CUPRO’s more responsible position today, and to also measure the smart improvements for tomorrow. It is a unique, and contemporary innovation designed for beautiful fashions everyday. CUPRO is cool and sensual with a unique, supple drape. It is antistatic and regulates temperature while its soft versatility make it perfect for The Modern Wardrobe fashions, athleisure and everyday casual wear.

Asahi Kasei provides a unique research facility to develop new fiber aesthetics and applications. Called the A-Cubic trend observatory, customers can work closely with experts and technicians to design the perfect material combinations that are each designed and tailored to specifically researched consumer product innovations. The A-Cubic center monitors market trends to help develop innovations for the new garment categories for The Modern Wardrobe.

Come and discover CUPRO and ROICA latest innovations at Interfilière Paris booth D30, D39

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