Bathing Beauties: Los Angeles, Paris, Shanghai

23 July 2019

In collaboration with Unique by Mode City, Leherpeur Paris is unveiling its exclusive “Bathing Beauties” study, which highlights swimwear trends by discussing three portraits of consumers based in LA, Shanghai and Paris. A comprehensive and future-oriented approach to explore the experience of these women and their relationship to their bodies and swimwear.


Swimwear attitudes
With names such as Fanny, Caroline, Jiabel, Hyla, Terah and Minwei, they live in Los Angeles, Paris or Shanghai and are aged between 27 and 40. We headed out to meet them and find out about their lives, cities, desires and attitudes to their bodies, beauty and swimwear.The results reveal these women’s everyday approaches to fashion and swimwear, while on holiday by the pool or at the beach. Now more relevant than ever, this society-based study provides an overview of trends by translating what women choose to wear and why, key issues for today’s international brands.

3 different cities, 3 different karmas
Los Angeles is a city with outlandishly high levels of sunshine. The city’s part urban, part beach atmosphere spills over into fashion which feels less conventional and ‘slower’, though the cult for the perfect body and a healthy mind continues to thrive. A source of wonder where tempers run high, Paris is known to inspire the occasional love/hate relationship. Famous for literature as well as fashion, it enjoys a unique position on the world stage and reveals a softer, more poetic side which is hard to resist. A frenetically-paced city that never stops, Shanghai is beginning to feel a certain desire to slow down and take the time to enjoy local heritage and history.

The study’s 4 highlights
The study is based around four key points. Initiated on Instagram, the Body Positive phenomenon, which involves loving your body and embracing its natural state, continues to gain ground. What do the women involved in this study think about it? At a time when everyone is wondering what they can do to save the planet and how committed they are, a “do your best” mantra seems to be emerging. Glowing has caught on throughout the world. The word is on everyone’s lips, from Paris to Shanghai, as well as Los Angeles. While the trend started out in women’s beauty routines, the Glow or radiant complexion has become something of a new aesthetic goal, making the rather restrictive and controlled ‘matt’ finish look decidedly old-fashioned. Finally, the “WeChatable life”, inspired by China’s only authorised social network, Wechat, has become the new lifestyle benchmark for women in Shanghai. Going out or going on holiday? Locations are chosen for their photogenic qualities to be shared on social platforms and seen by as many people as possible.

Contrasting portraits
Women give off a beachy, surf, yoga and sporty vibe in LA, against the backdrop of a quest for the perfect body, which is extremely important to them. LA style is ultra casual, Friday-wear can be worn all week. Long-sleeved swimsuits are popular in a surf-loving spirit, combined with the green trend that continues to gain ground. The French Glow and poetic ‘no filter’ attitude of Parisian women stands out. Fashion gives the impression of nonchalance but never lacks in style or personality. Pleasure-seeking Parisiennes choose couture-style swimsuits for the beach: sophistication is in the details. Women in Shanghai leave nothing to chance, not even perfume! Their looks are unashamedly eye-catching: the baroque cool of Gucci, Balenciaga or Sandro. They love showcasing their style, especially with pressure from social networks. Particularly fond of swimwear, they know all the tricks for staying in the spotlight, whether pretty long sleeves, accessories, bright colours or frills.


Podcast Bénédicte Fabien – Director of Forecasting, Leherpeur Paris

« Bathing Beauties: Los Angeles, Paris, Shanghai »




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