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Beauty, Lingerie, Beachwear: a colourful cocktail!

9 June 2017

Skin-coloured shades have taken centre stage. Neutral hues are back with a vengeance, not only in the ready-to-wear collections but also in lingerie and swimwear, setting off a bright and lively make-up. Summer is the ideal time for experimenting and for allowing ourselves more freedom to dare.

Dare with colour, and structure our beauty, our make-up with more invigorating, dynamic, fresh touches! Brands like Lime Crime and Smashbox are boldly asserting a new beauty in which petrol blue, green and neon yellow offer seductive appeal.










Colour creating contrasts and contours to reveal forms. Lingerie has been liberated, is deliberately more present, asserting itself in constructed silhouettes. Bright touches, reflecting the new accessory status that lingerie now enjoys in our wardrobes. It’s our turn to dare, to spotlight our femininity and all its artifices!


Vanessa Causse

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