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How to become a strong brand

15 April 2019

Initially presented as a trend, the quest for meaning is now more relevant than ever. Whether ethical or responsible, many brands show off their good deeds with pride. Jordane Salomez, Sustainable Fashion Advisor at GET REAL PARIS, explains the importance of giving your brand meaning.


Ethical credentials to impress clients
Not previously in the spotlight, a brand’s meaning has become a powerful value. Though companies have long prioritized economic concerns, the time has come for reappraisal. Over 50% are now setting ecological or social goals, which go beyond the product dimension. This is the case for Patagonia, for example, which is directing actions towards resolving environmental issues.

The importance of sincerity
Is this about marketing or making a genuine commitment? According to Jordane Salomez, brands need to do more than simply generate calls to action. They need to be committed and communicate meaning. Guillaume Delacroix, who runs PR and communications agency DLX, adds that brands need to set themselves a mission. At a time when generation burn-out defines the malaise of society, individuals are looking to make sense of their lives and favour companies which are actively working for good causes.

A troubled planet
Despite being at the heart of retail industry concerns, sustainable development is not yet firmly rooted in the public mind. Companies are unable to take positive steps to help the environment due to a lack of concrete solutions. Textile brands are on the frontline since the apparel industry has been singled out as the worst polluter. A number of swimwear brands are working to protect the ecosystem by using natural and eco-responsible materials.

When lingerie makes sense
The Endeer brand is revolutionizing the world of intimates using a combination of 3D technology and made-to-measure solutions. For co-founder Mathilde Alloin, the desire to take action was inspired, above all, by women themselves. Endeer views women’s bodies as shapes rather than sizes. The brand listened to a panel of around 100 women, in a study aiming to improve the algorithms used for their products. A caring and sincere project, for each and every woman.


Podcast by Jordane Salomez, Sustainable Fashion Advisor, GET REAL PARIS with contributions from Guillaume Delacroix, who runs PR agency DLX and Mathilde Alloin, Co-founder of the Endeer brand.

“In an era searching for meaning: how to position a brand”



Jordane Salomez

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