BeGreenie by Belmanetti make easy-to-wear garments that are organic and responsible

28 April 2022

The organic outlet from Belmanetti specialises in making eco-friendly easy-to-wear garments.

Belmanetti has been a family brand since its founding in 1997. Since then, the brand has stocked in 700 shops in Europe and Australia, producing 150 line options per collection. The company mainly specialises in producing fine-quality bathrobes, but has a specialised, organic brand that consumers should get familiar with.

BeGreenie by Belmanetti uses natural fabrics such as bamboo and cotton to craft easy-to-wear garments with a focus on organic, responsible practices and philosophy. After all, bamboo is described as being one of the fastest-growing plants, which requires no pesticides or extra watering either. Organic cotton is also said to be more safe for the environment and farmers too.

Standout pieces from BeGreenie include the exotic printed leggings, with a refined design featuring palm prints that also adorn sports bras too. Items also come in a tasteful coral colourway, with the sports bra with straps piece being made from 64% bamboo (viscose), 24% cotton and 12% elastane.

But staying eco-friendly goes beyond the garment design. Even the item’s packaging and catalogue printing is done with recycled paper, and printing ink is also noted as being eco-based. For breathable pieces with natural temperature control, and an organic outlook too, look no further than BeGreenie.

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