Billon Design unveils new eco-friendly jersey knit

5 January 2018

Specializing in added-value jacquard knits for lingerie, beachwear and sportswear, the French company is innovating and presenting a brand new knit, as a sneak preview at Interfilière Paris and the Salon de la Lingerie, in a plant-based polyamide created from castor oil, a renewable resource with a low environmental impact and LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™

Rich in protein, water and lipids, castor oil is famous for its nourishing and revitalizing qualities, which have been used in the cosmetics industry for years. The oil is derived from a fast-growing herbaceous plant with a low environmental impact since it requires little water to grow. Carbon emissions are also lower than for standard polyamide.

The ideal combination of fashion, environment and performance, this stretch knit is particularly well-placed to meet the requirements of swimwear and sportswear.

Billon Design is innovating with an eco-friendly knit derived from castor oil, using it for the first time in a blend with the LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ fibre. Known as ÉNOLA, this new range offers a number of benefits: aesthetic advantages, in the first instance, with its wonderful fine qualities, extremely soft hand-feel and appealing satin-finish. This incredibly light range also delivers impressive performance: natural thermal and bacteriostatic properties, which are inherent to the plant, quick-drying and wrinkle-resistance. With its exceptional softness, comfort and flattering aesthetic, the range also offers excellent resistance to chlorine, sun creams and oils since it is blended with 8% LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ fibre. This means that products will continue to look good and hold their shape for a long time. This combination of aesthetic benefits and performance makes it the ideal fabric for the swimwear and sportswear markets.

To launch the new knit, Billon Design has created a bright red version, evoking the castor flower. Boasting integrated dyeing facilities, Billon Design offers a range of different colours and a personalized service on demand. Jacquard and other novelty versions are also in the pipeline.

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