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Body Positive: allowing the body to express itself

14 March 2019

Boosted by the #Metoo phenomenon, Body Positive is all about freeing the body and femininity from the norms dictated by the image industry. The Leherpeur Paris agency recently carried out a Body Talks study to discuss this movement’s influence on Instagram. Roundup of the key players and trends that characterize this current mood.


Positive Activists
This collective movement gives centre stage to Girl Power, aiming to show bodies as they really are, flaws and all. Redefined body-shapes, small busts and unshaven thighs, without any retouching, take pride of place. Attractive yet militant, Pink is the colour that has come to symbolize this movement. A way of introducing seduction and delicate fantasy, while celebrating authentic body sizes and shapes.

Slow Poets
Women as muse, free and independent, this is how the Slow Poets movement can be defined. A poetic take on femininity which makes the most of floral metaphors and new colour palettes to showcase an instinctive woman who reveals her skin in discrete touches.

Badass Venus
Between virile codes and power, Badass women and tough girls make the most of their weapons of seduction and sex appeal. Porno chic is back with a vengeance, as demonstrated by popstars like Beyoncé and Cardi B. These RnB divas overturn gender stereotypes by strutting their stuff in rock-inspired looks, leather jackets and men’s pyjamas, contrasted against lacy lingerie, at once sexy and rebellious.

The people behind the trends
Chloé Bonnard from Nanas d’Paname, a collective bringing together around fifty women from all walks of life, talks about helping one another, changing mentalities and female entrepreneurship. “We’re fed up with lies and photoshopping, we’re looking for sincerity”. Similarly, Renaud Cambuzat, Chief Creative Officer at Chantelle and Maria Yeung, the designer behind the Marieyat brand, offer a new perspective on women’s intimates with a good dose of empowerment and innovation.


Podcast: Exclusive Encounters x Leherpeur Paris – Sabrina Pelissier, Strategic Planner
Body Talks: Bénédicte Fabien – Director of Forecasting; Renaud Cambuzat – Chief Creative Officer Chantelle; Maria Yeung –Marieyat brand founder; Chloé Bonnard – Les Nanas d’Paname
Body Positive or how Instagram is reinventing the rhetoric on intimacy”


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