The boutique Lingerie Caress, winner of the Swim & Lingerie Ceremony

26 July 2019

During the first edition of the Swim & Lingerie Ceremony on Unique by Mode City show on July 7th, 2019, Eurovet thanked 200 European boutiques. An official awards ceremony during which profesionals were greeted for their commitment, expertise, and know-how. Among them, the winner of a the drawing Sophie Verbruggen, of the boutique Lingerie Caress in Brasschaat in Belgium, tells us her career and delivers her definition of customer experience.



Can you tell us a few words about the history of your boutique?
Sophie Verbruggen / The shop was founded in 1959 by my mother, Anne. This year, it is our 60st anniversary! She was a corsetiere with a love for fine materials. So she sold back in time already the most beautiful collections lingerie, sleepwear and even beachwear.

Have you always been in the lingerie and swim business?
S. V. / I grew up in the store and I loved as a little girl the lovely lace and silk. I followed art school and started to work in a completely other world. As a hobby, I worked in my mother’s boutique on holidays and weekends. Later, I worked part time with her and part time I did visual merchandising for other shops. In 2005 I finally have taken over the store from my mother. It is still on the same place, in Brasschaat, where she started.

For you, what does experience client mean? Which are your main services? How do you value them?
S. V. / For me, it is very important to believe in my brands. They have to feel, to look and to fit perfect. I love fine materials, silk and laces are still my favorites. I love designs with a perfect fitting, so I only wanted to sell the best brands in my boutique. Also for the beachwear, I look for brands with soft materials so that the lines are following the body and not the other way around. For my clients, I do select my collections on these values. According to me, a perfect fit does not mean that you cannot wear feminine and sensual brands. At Lingerie Caress, we choose for everyday luxury, stylish, sophisticated and sexy.

What does the show mean for you?
S. V. / The show in Paris is very important for me because I like to see the real identity of the brands I work with and also the persons who are presenting and designing these. I want to see all brands before I start ordering so I can make my financial and my creative planning for the next season. The collections that I choose have to tell a story in my shop. Also, that picture has to be perfect.

And what do you think about the Swim & Lingerie Ceremony?
S. V. / We are everyday trying to give our clients the best advice and the best products. As a professionnal, it is very important to visit the fair and of course, is it nice to get  appriciation about our experience and knowhow during the lingerie and swimwear ceremony.

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