Eurovet (EN)

BUGATTI, “We are Europe”

6 July 2017

Bugatti has established itself internationaly as a fashion label on the solid foundation of the family-run company Brinkmann. The brand also has its roots in Europe and draws its inspiration from the continent’s rich heritage.


The label now offers a comprehensive selection of business and leisurewear for men. European-urban, modern and dynamic fashion for here and now – without avant-garde allures.

Product expertise, diversity and exceptional value for money represent the brand’s real success factors, whilst the brand values of ‘reliable’, ‘cosmopolitan’ and ‘confident’ set the tone at all points of brand contact.

With the positioning as a European brand and the ‘we are Europe’ slogan, Bugatti provides a glimpse into a Europe that is urban, individual, spirited and open-minded.

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