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2 August 2017

The innovative team at Impish Lee has used their online customizable tool as the foundation of their brand, and buyers are rejoicing!

Impish Lee sees the importance in inviting the customers into the designing process. Being able to co-create with Impish Lee allows for the buyers understanding of their customers to be present in the final collection.

The Impish Lee team knows the struggles of being able to provide your customers with the intimates that reflect your store’s exact aesthetic. Impish Lee is making it possible for buyers to create their own intimate apparel collections to reflect their stores exact aesthetic.

The customizer has 25 unique designs, and over 50 assorted fabrics, Impish Lee provides roughly 30 trillion possibilities available in an ever-increasing range of sizes starting with sizes 0-24 and bra sizes 28A-40J.

How It Works:

  1. Choose Your Design: Start your creation by selecting a design; from soft bralettes and cute undies, to soft flowy slips and full-length robes.
  2. Choose Your Lining: Impish Lee caters to women of all shades, so simply match the lining to your skin tone for that ‘nude’ look, no matter your hue!
  3. Choose Your Fabrics: Be unique by designing with 50+ curated fabrics: Sexy laces, soft meshes, exotic burn velvets, and limited, novelty prints.
  4. Choose Your Finishes: Select the little details that make your creation one of a kind. Choose variations for the bows, closures, sleeves, and more.

“Designing an Impish Lee collection that reflects my customers was a dream come true! Being able to customize garments that suit my brand has elevated the way I merchandise my store and inspired my approach to ordering overall. Offering pieces that are unique to Calligramme has given me leverage in the local, national, and international market.” said Marissa Vogel of Calligramme

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