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Cadica Group: new eco-design techniques!

15 November 2017

Ecology is fundamental to this Italian accessories manufacturer.
From labels and tags to packaging and patches, all the company’s products are eco-designed.
This strong commitment involves compliance with all charters and certifications and full transparency regarding the traceability of the production chain.

To illustrate this commitment and follow through on their convictions, Cadica has created a set of eco-friendly specifications covering all materials used.

The Group’s latest innovative project involves a new material, known as STONE PAPER, created using powdered stone recovered from extraction quarries.
A non-toxic formula, it offers an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional paper production.
The resulting Stone Paper is strong, tear-proof and cheaper to recycle than ordinary paper.

Cadica plans to make the most of Interfilière Paris to demonstrate the considerable added-value that its collections – particularly hangtags – can offer lingerie brands, as well as strengthening brand DNA.

The company’s acquisition of the A+A design studio (specializing in fashion textiles) has brought a more couture feel to collections, which have already won-over high-profile brands in the French luxury market.

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