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1 August 2017

Maternity & Nursing bra specialist Cake Lingerie, has announced the launch of its first ever mainstream, fuller bust bra brand in Sugar Candy!

The company is, for the first time, offering fuller bust women bras that is not for maternity or breastfeeding, via a new identity. The brand stated that while this was a move away from its usual product & market offering, it felt it was the right time to create a wider offering.

“While we did offer Sugar Candy under the Cake Maternity umbrella, we felt it was time to isolate its voice and expand our footprint, especially as our presence & profile expands globally”, said Keith Hyams – Director, Cake Lingerie.

Sugar Candy is a seamless, wire free bra designed for the fuller bust woman who is after comfort & support, whilst in and around the home and in bed.

A campaign outlining the real-life struggles that fuller bust women face has been created to educate and engage with customers that understand its brand principles.

Australian actress, Clare Langsford is featured in a series of videos, the first of which can be seen here. Considerable product testing has also brought about a testimonial video to educate consumers about the benefits of the bra.

As multiple stores have been selling Sugar Candy since Feb 2017, the 2 more videos feature what influence Sugar Candy made for the lingerie boutique owners and fitters – Testimonial 1 & Testimonial 2.

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