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Chanty stands out from the crowd with a high-tech collection

10 July 2018

Known for its innovation capacity, the German lace-maker has saved its top products for clients, who kept the stand busy throughout: a collection of ‘High-Tech & Natural Laces’, created specially for the Interfilière show.

The collection consists of four comprehensive lines. The first, known as High Tech, features three series of particularly useful manufacturing solutions for brands:

1) “softback” laces, which are incredibly soft on the inside, thanks to a specific knit, and eliminate the need for a bonded inner fabric,

2) “functional edge” laces, with reinforced stretch edges: thanks to a light push-up effect, these edges render bra-linings superfluous and are also suitable for briefs and

3) “optics leavers” shapewear laces, which are very light and sheer but still offer a high level of elasticity and are particularly well-suited to plus-sizes. The ‘High Tech & Natural Laces’ collection includes a second Green line of laces created using the ROICA™ Eco Smart premium stretch yarn and a third Cotton line with laces in pure cotton, cotton blends, organic cotton and natural yarns (Tencel, Modal).

Prototypes for the fourth line, which has been developed with Eastman since 2016, use the Naia cellulosic yarn for incredibly soft and wonderfully comfortable laces. “Our clients are very enthusiastic. I’m very proud of this High-Tech & Natural Laces collection,” confirms Zoya Rutskaya Sebek, Sales Director for Chanty.

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