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Cheeky and highly desirable

20 January 2018

Knickers are back! A daily accessory, they are celebrating their 100th anniversary and are making a comeback in a desirable and sophisticated  form.

A source of creativity and a fashion tip for many brands, they’re certainly coming back ready to seduce. In a message, part of a limited series or as single products from new designer brands, knickers are incidentally imposing themselves as wardrobe essentials (Opaak, Hanky Panky, Henriette H, Room 24…).



The buttocks, shunned by the fashion world until now, are coming back in style with the craze for high-waisted trousers which have the gift of knowingly enhancing one of the most beautiful parts of the female body. And so it happens that lingerie is following the trend movement and fashion silhouettes as knickers rise.

High-waisted knickers are back, much to the delight of women around the world. ftey’ve certainly become a fashion item, seductive and comfortable. ftey enhance curves, flatten the stomach and hide imperfections. An iconic piece, knickers take centre stage and remain a just reflection of women’s mindsets. For a long time, they were depricated, now they are showing themselves to be more chic and more glamorous than ever: plays on transparency (Cisô, Le Petit Trou, Journal Intime, Lisca), material contrasts (Maison Close, Cosabella, Else), double belts (Marika Vera), lacing or seductive ties (Maison Close, Maison Lejaby, Edge O’Beyond, Flash You&Me, Aubade). ftey are adorned with lace or silk yokes (Cadolle, Lou, Dora Larsen, Jolidon), luminous details (Cisô), jewels (Marika Vera) or graphic cut outs (Marieyat). ftey appear in velvet or lurex in exclusive collections (Superbe).

A retro piece from the 1950s, the 2018 version of knickers is highly desirable and terribly sexy!



A form? A high-waisted pant in a soft and comfortable material

A detail? Graphics or openwork

A material? Fishnet all the way!

Under which outfit? A dress

Do you need to be cheeky for high-waisted knickers? Yes! You really need to want to break free. And above all, a woman who feels good about her booty!
The woman of 2018 is cheeky or just isn’t! Knickers are taking back their rightful place as a “Haute-Couture” piece. Finishes are at the heart of this craze around knickers to now treat them as a lingerie item which is entirely set apart and give it back its qualities of noblesse: enveloping, being comfortable, being chic, flattering our curves, being a promise for crossed legs, accentuating our waists, hugging hips. Knickers are experimental territory, asymmetric, openwork or pieces which are becoming a fashion element. We’re witnessing a real craze for this piece. For the first time, all brands are integrating lines of knickers, set apart from bra lines, in their collections. ftey’ve finally understood that women want to invent their own lingerie wardrobe, embrace their choices and their style to mix & match and be daring. It’s a very feminine process of constructing your silhouette according to what you fall in love with and thus pairing tops and bottoms depending on your mood.


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