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23 June 2017


Coast Society was founded in Milan in 2014 by Davide Jais after several seasons of careful contemplation. The brand is an utterly masculine interpretation of a modern leisure lifestyle with iconic accents.  It’s a joyful expression of inspiring savoir vivre based on a breezy feeling of freedom.

Coast Society wears its Italian pedigree on its sleeve, from the Venice Lido to the “big blue” of the Riviera, via Lake Como. It offers a contemporary twist on the style of the eternally well-turned-out. A believer in all-seasons swimwear, Coast Society has expanded its expertise to apparel and accessories and added a junior range to better cover all the needs of exceptional nomads.

Painstaking research. The quest for excellence. Eloquent savoir-faire. A flair for living a cut above the rest and across all latitudes. Being an adept of Coast Society values means consciously choosing the destinations and holidays that go together. The brand is a stylish access-all-areas pass to the world’s most exclusive resorts.


Coast Society strives for the highest standards of aesthetics and comfort by creating garments that embody craftsmanship and expertise as well as artisanal finesse. The brand is the result of the proud tradition of the Made in Italy style.

Since the beginning, the brand’s mission has been to give men’s beachwear the expert legacy of Italian tailoring – cut it in contemporary fabrics; make it high performance; play around with solids, stripes, and geometrics for on target prints; tailor it to move with the wearer; and curate every detail to the point of obsession.

Shirts, polos, and beach towels all boast the same impeccable style and exclusive craftsmanship. Summer essentials, espadrilles, sunglasses, and soon, exceptional nomadic items, convey the brand’s vision and form the core of its capsule collections, all manufactured working with partners of the highest calibre.

Designer Davide Jais

For masculine elegance and sophisticated dressing, Milan is definitely the world’s centre. It was in this inventive and creative setting that Davide Jais was born and raised. Since 2014 it has been the home of Coast Society, a brand dedicated to the art of modern holidays. This exceptional beachwear project restores delight to the body, down to the smallest details. To the highly aspirational sectors of fashion, design, and art, Mr Jais has added his own vision of a discreet dandy.
Travel and curiosity marked his first professional steps as he transitioned from luxury goods to premium wines and spirits. During this sparkling and nomadic period, he, of course, had wonderful experiences and met inspiring people, often due to surprising coincidences.
Knowing how to carefully observe everything and everyone around him, he was eager to take his turn at reinventing contemporary fashion for the eternally elegant. His concept combined the pleasure boating codes of café society, beachwear leisure style, and a new-found harmony between the body and style. He started with the goal of bringing masculine allure back to men’s swimwear; and he spent over a year studying, researching, and conducting tests.
The first Coast Society collection immediately attracted an informed clientele. Evolving from swimwear to beachwear to resortwear, the brand’s vision has found its place in today’s rapidly changing luxury market. With one foot in Portofino and the other in Saint Tropez, Davide Jais has reinvented the wonderful carefree feeling of holidays. Only a Milanese could do such a thing.

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