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Up-and-Coming Designer: Claire Chung

1 March 2019



Claire Chung, 21 years old who is studying intimate apparel in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She thinks creative, enthusiastic and optimistic are the best words to describe herself.  She loves imagining and always thinks out of the box, like matching different combinations of the patterns and materials used to create new features. She is willing to absorb new things and enjoys the process of marking garment, from design, sourcing, pattern making, sewing, to fitting. It is full of satisfaction and self-believe that you put your all into the project and finish successfully in the end. With the passion, Claire can spend a whole day on one thing day and keep reviewing to achieve the best outcome when facing problems.

Last summer, Claire had an internship experience in Pioneer Elastic (Hong Kong) Limited, as an assistant designer. During the experience, she exerted her illustration, production drawing and graphic skills using different drawing tools like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Q: Why did you choose the intimate industry? What do you find interesting about this industry?
It is interesting that although underwear is worn under the clothes, customers seem to have more requirements and needs on it. In other words, a bra is not only giving the basic technical function and support to the breast, but it also represents the inner beauty of a person. However, following the trend of activewear, it brings the beauty inside out and encourages women to show them off. I think there is a big future and I would like to be one of the people in this small but powerful industry.

I think it is also challenging that affect me to keep breaking through myself. Comparing to outfit, the design pieces of underwear are relatively limited and small, but it does not limit the room for design. There is a lot of possibility. I can find new challenge every day.

Q: What will your dream job be? Where do you see yourself in 5 years, 10 years?
Talking about dream job … I would like to design amazing bras and activewear to the customer, but also provide perfect comfort and fit to them. I would like to see their smile wearing my design. Therefore, I really want to have a representative image in the customer mind, like a brand or a creative director who has some signature designs. It is an upper BIG dream, but I think a dream can lead once to work hard every day. Thus, I do not expect myself to reach this dream that fasts in 5 and 10 years. However, I believe that will be a hard worker and learner to enhance my skills on design and technical sides. Keep working in an amazing brand and earn experience to pursue my dream.

Q: Do you plan to create your own brand?
Having my own brand is always my dream.



a full collection to be unveiled @ Interfiliere Hong Kong – PolyU Intimate Fashion Show on March 20th, 2019

The theme of this collection is about “dare to imagine, dare to be”. Dandelion as a flower can spread to the whole world by its small tiny seed. Although it looks weak and fragile, it is full of vitality. It grows successfully and strongly as much as it can by splitting and diffusing. It becomes a flower eventually from a little seed to a big blossom. The seed is whirling, dancing and rotating in the sky which is free and relaxing. In fact, there is full of possibilities in the world. From O (zero), it could be anything.

Black and white are the main colours of the collection which represent the core color tone of dandelion. The golden color is the highlight of the designs and performs a shining effect. The designs mainly play with different kinds of the elastic to form the shape of dandelion by overlapping, crossing and interlacing. The floral lace with floating flower on top and was beaded to form a fancy feeling.

3D printing technology was applied in this collection like corset and cup to replace the normal fabric use in lingerie. The use of 3d printing with details patterns and cut out designs created interesting texture with the soft lace and mesh fabric. It also has functional help on supporting the breast and waist by keeping in a nice shape.

Q: For whom? Men, Women, children?

Q: Which sector? Lingerie, swimwear, activewear?

Q: What are the 3 key words that could best describe your collection?
Combination of strength, tenderness and delicacy

Q: What inspire you to create this collection? What is the story behind your collection?
This collection is a kind of storyteller of mine. Dandelion symbolizes “brave and never give up” which are close to my personality. To be a designer or having own brand is such a dream in Hong Kong, but I do not think that it is an impossible goal. I believe in hope. I believe that everything could happen in the future. This collection aims to encourage people to dare to be and to imagine.

And the idea of 3d printing came from a question I found in class. I always think about how to provide a specific shape, better fit and support bra. Therefore, the material of 3d print is relatively stiffer on shape and support with the one-way production method. It can simplify the production and have new and different textile compare to the normal lace and fabric use. So, I did some research and found some related backgrounds to create my own style.

Q: Which manufacturers helped you with the material and the production?
Cerie International and Pioneer Elastic (HK) Ltd.

Q: Sustainability
The use of 3D printing does show a good side on sustainability, as the one-way production method of 3d print saves materials and reduce wastes. 3d printing has been a trend in different aspect including underwear nowadays. It is believed that choosing the 3d printing product can be recycled if the right material is used.

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