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Up-and-Coming Designer: Eliza Fung

1 March 2019



Eliza Fung, 22, who is diverse and diligent. She is studying the BA (Hons) in Fashion and Textiles (Intimate Apparel) at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She has worked as an intern assistant designer in Texco Hook & Eye Tape Limited, to gain related experience like manufacture production process, accessories design of lingerie and product innovations. Intimate industry is interesting which focus on aesthetics and all about beautiful things. It includes both technical skills and creativities to create. In her study path, she had studied in digital visual design before, basic design knowledge helped her to exploring intimate design.



a full collection to be unveiled @ Interfiliere Hong Kong – PolyU Intimate Fashion Show on March 20th, 2019

Inspired by the movie “Black Swan” which is advocate feminism and showing social value of female. Therefore, it is a women collection. By capturing the characters’ features, the lingerie collection of high-end style with attaching feather and rhinestone technique, as part of the black swan feature are extracted, to give the atmosphere of ethereal, noble and delux. The designs are imitating the swan posture and exuding the female charm. The Perspective fabric put across the attractive feature of female body which is the sexiest. With the black swan features, feather and black color are opted to imitate the black swan. Besides, gold on black color also are mainly used that giving a deluxe feeling. Hop Lun (Hong Kong) Limited had sponsored materials used and production.

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