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Up-and-Coming Designer: Lily Ng

1 March 2019



Lily Ng, 22, who is studying BA (Hons) in Fashion and Textiles (Intimate Apparel) at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She is an assiduous and creative thinker that is attentive to every detail. She discovered her passion in designing lingerie in her style and everyday comfort in mind. Equipped with a distinctive design sense, she tends to tell a story behind each collection and turn them into a story-telling piece. ‘Every design should have a meaning behind’- this is her motto.

With aesthetic and technical focus on lingerie, the job experience has nurtured her as a whole person. Given the chance to work in a contemporary art gallery, she exposed to a broad range of art and exchanged the thought and idea with other art enthusiasts. This job experience gave her inspiration and insight on how an idea can be interpreted into a physical form. She also worked as an intern in PVH Hong Kong Sourcing Services Limited with members from FTC (color & testing) department and drafted the risk assessment checklist for the purpose of standardizing the working style of different regional workers and ensuring the work consistency. The sensitivity and knowledge towards garment construction, communication and organization skill were well trained.

Q: Why did you choose the intimate industry? What do you find interesting about this industry?
Fashion industry, especially the intimate industry is something that out of reaches before I began the university study. Design, sewing, textile materials and garment fitting are the major topics that I came across with. Lingerie is women’s everyday essential. We wear them all the time yet know little about them. The possibility of balancing design and function together in one piece attracted me. They worn under the daily wears but provide the ultimate support to the wearer as well as the outerwear. The style that a lady chooses can reflect its true attitude towards her self. Well-fit lingerie with beautiful fabric compositions or design can elevate the beauty of women’s body. This is the main attraction of intimate apparel to me.

Q: What will your dream job be? Where do you see yourself in 5 years, 10 years? Do you plan to create your own brand?
My dream job is to be a tailor-made lingerie designer. I love all the delicate details, like embroidery and embellishments, which provide the lingerie with uniqueness and delicacy. I think I may dedicating myself into the world of embroidery in the upcoming years in my free time and utilize them into my lingerie design. I would love to see if I could explore the possibilities of intimate wear by applying different techniques or materials and create something that are one and only. It would be great if I can set up my own brand and develop a group of target customers who share the same aesthetic view.



a full collection to be unveiled @ Interfiliere Hong Kong – PolyU Intimate Fashion Show on March 20th, 2019


‘Little Room 0.5’ is a lingerie collection that collects the abstract concept of comfort zone. Tranquil, homey and free from mundanity would best describe my collection. Little room refers to somewhere that can make someone feel secure and comfortable, that can soothe his or her pain and free from distraction. Everyone has his or her own comfort zone. Mine is a Zen style room. It is a room that filled with marbles, a hand-woven sitting mat placed in the middle with a rectangular window behind. Once we step into our own comfort zone, we are escaping from the ‘reality’ and entering a shangri-la. This is also a dream place that I am looking for.

To illustrate this concept, warm grey and white tone were utilized to generate the cozy atmosphere. At the same time, pearls were utilized as the embodiment of the marbles in the room. The crisscross crochet interpreted the warmth of rattan furniture, which completed the whole puzzle of a comfort zone. This collection is mainly designed for the young generation who may suffer high stress and looking for a set of lingerie that is not lairy but comfortable to wear.

Parawin Industries Limited helped me to make the highlighting point of my lingerie sets – the crisscross crochet. Their designer also provided me with valuable suggestions, which gave me firm support during the whole process. I am more than thankful to have received the unremitted assistance by Parawin.

To minimize the impact on the environment, I would like to use recycled polyester or organic cotton instead of polyester fabric for the major source of fabric in my lingerie collection. Water-soluble embroidery backing for making crochet may minimize the fabric waste to some extent and reduce the possibility of creating incorrect design, hence producing useless waste. This lingerie sets have different components, which mean that the wearer can mix and match with other garments to maximize their serviceability and styling possibility.

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