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Up-and-Coming Designer: Sonya Chan

1 March 2019



Sonya Chan, 22 years old, studying fashion and textiles, at The Hong Kong Polytechnic, specializing in Intimate Apparel. Last year, she joined an exchange program in the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, US, which has broadened her global vision and enhanced her intercultural communication skills and adaptability.

She is passionate about creating original concepts and executing designs with swatches and using Photoshop and Illustrator to produce CAD. Sonya also worked in different companies like a costume designer for Logitech showgirl in the Hong Kong Computer & Communications Festival, designer trainee in Kam Ma Leather Garments Workshop and Crystal Martin (Hong Kong) Limited. With her knowledge gained from the work experiences, she is empowered herself and more determined to succeed in a fast paced and creative fashion industry.

Q: Why did you choose the intimate industry? What do you find interesting about this industry?
Lingerie is always something I am really passionate about as it is an intimate product belongs to women. It is something sweet, sexy and full of fascination and fantasy. Also, a reflection of the girls’ personality and belief. I enjoy converting my inspiration and values into the design with my own exploration of vision. Honestly, my biggest satisfaction from this industry must be seeing models wearing my designed collection with their great figure and body shape.

Undoubtedly, Intimate definitely a professional specialization and occupied a significant position in the apparel industry as it not only serves the basic necessity to every women but also considered as different functional benefits.

Q: What will your dream job be? Where do you see yourself in 5 years, 10 years?
My dream job is to be a successful lingerie designer.

What I can only see myself in the coming years is in the fashion industry. Being flexible and responsible nature, I believe that I can bring positive energy to the industry. With my leadership experience, design coursework, and portfolio make me a well-qualified to get in the lingerie industry.

Q: Do you plan to create your own brand?
This is always my dream to work hard on. I would like to have my own lingerie brand with my own style and interpretation to lingerie and develop a whole new market trend.



@ Interfiliere Hong Kong – PolyU Intimate Fashion Show on March 20th, 2019

My collection is about the story of Garden of Eden. It is a lingerie set and targets at women customers. Bogart is the manufacturers helped me with the material and the production. Fantasy, bondage, and dreamy are the 3 key words that could best describe my collection.

I always wonder the story Garden of Eden could end better if Eve and Adam did not take the forbidden fruits. Tragedy that lord god cursed Eve and Adam that lead to human’s fall would never be happened. But the truth is evil lives with us and it is indispensable. It plays the role to remind people to stay away from the taboo and lives with everything existing. Someday, we will save us from our sins, the good release from our bottom heart. My collections included the v-wire plunge bra, suspender and thong, the triangle bralette and bikini with lace pants. By using the floral design embroidery mesh, nude lace, and butterfly motif to express the world of purity. Leather harness all over the body and as an accessories to represent the taboo of fruits, which is the sins they couldn’t get rid of.

Q: Sustainability
As I am the person who belongs to Environmental conscious. The sustainability and environmental impact are always my concerning part throughout the creation, the production and its after life. Like the project I did for Triumph, It is an autumn/ winter collection in 2019. By designing the head to toe look including bra, pantie and womenswear piece with the elements of deconstruction of the past to recreate the future and sustainability. For all the selection of fabric, trims or even elastic or sliders are using sustainable materials in order to create a lifetime product.

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