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29 May 2017

Is it really possible (not counting fashion week) to wear a bra over clothes without looking like you just left a costume party?  

Maybe the last time you put a bra on over your clothes was when you were 6 years old and you wanted to be like mom. Or maybe you were trying on a bra and too lazy to get undressed (be careful, I’ll be angry if you really do that!).

Here’s how the trend works.


Some of you will declare that this kind of trend is only for the young. I’ll answer that fashion is not a question of age, but of personality and morphology! What’s important is to be at ease and wear it at the right time of day. If you feel ridiculous, you’ll seem ridiculous. If you feel beautiful and confident, you’ll be praised for your sartorial daring.

Small busts can wear every décolleté style (everybody wins some), so go ahead! This trend is for you.

Fuller busts should choose looks that are slightly less lingerie-like.



# With a T-shirt: 

The idea is to create a trompe-l’oeil effect, as if the T-shirt were sewn or even printed on your top.

It doesn’t matter if your T-shirt is short sleeved, long sleeved, cropped, or has a turtle neck; what’s important is that it’s a simple cut and close fitting. The star here is the bra . . . or rather the over-bra!

And the less the fabric wrinkles around the bra, the better. Opt for a round neck T-shirt for a more streamlined look.

Next, choose a stylish bra, one that’s chic and in quality materials. You might as well be proud since you’re going to show it off. The trend’s best look is a triangle or bralet. Narrow straps are better.

Be inspired by Céline’s two-tone look, if you want to go all the way. The tone-on-tone approach seen at Marant is easier to wear.

And do you still wear a bra underneath? Well . . . no. But if you wear a C cup or larger, or you don’t think you’re the right age for this kind of fashion exercise, try out the next option.


From left to right: Céline, Isabel Marant SS17
© Tagwalk 


From left to right: © Kylie Jenner, © Pinterest, © Kathy Boos



# With a shirt: 

The idea is tempting, but it’s not for you? If you’re voluptuous or more classic, you can easily adapt the trend by keeping the layering idea, another look that’s also hot.

So leave your bra in the lingerie drawer and replace it with a bra-top style like at Prada, or a draped crop top, a mini-bustier, or even a corset if you have a tummy (tightening under the breasts or at the waist makes the tummy bulge out).

You should, of course, stay away from tops that are too tight. And choose opaque fabrics that give support and are not too fine or floaty.
The curviest figures can unbutton the top of the shirt to show off their décolleté and lengthen the neck.

With a pretty white cotton shirt, you can’t get it wrong!

From left to right: Cinq à Sept, Prada SS17 


From left to right: © Look de Pernille, © Imaxtree


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