Conference: Innovation Encouter with Tengfei Technology

7 August 2019

SensElast 3D Printing Technology Global Launch

September 27th @ 11.15 AM- 12.00
Interfiliere Shanghai

Speaker: Xianming MEI

Xianming Mei, the president of Tengfei Technology Co., ltd, has been dedicated to public welfare and recived the honorary title of “National Elite in Social Poverty Alleviation”.

SensElast 3D printing is an applied technology, which is based on special material and printing process to create the 3D printing effect on fabric to change the fabric inherent characteristic and endow the fabric with special decorative and supportive function.

As the “architect” of fabric fiber, such groundbreaking technology gives fabrics better support and shaping effect, which can be widely used in women’s lingerie, functional sportswear, protective gears etc. In addition, after 2000 times of stretch and anti-fatigue test, the fabric relaxation remains stable and the recovery rate is as high as 99.5%.
Mr. Mei, the CEO of Tengfei will present the revolutionary technology and how it will reinvent women’s wardrobe exclusively in the conference at Intefiliere Shanghai.

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