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What are consumers expecting for S/S 2020 and what do they want in lingerie? – Virginie Corbasson, Carlin Creative Trend Bureau

25 February 2019

Decoding expectations to understand the latest consumer behaviour and provide new solutions.

Looking ahead to S/S 2020, we have identified 4 key consumer profiles

  • Invested active: less is more / return of functionality / streamlined
  • E-sensitive: technology and impressionism, loves letting go and being surprised
  • Mystic authentic: ritual, a spiritual quest, authenticity
  • Glam resilient: striving for style as society faces climate change

Spotlight on two key types of consumer:


An ever-connected fan of new technologies with an impressionist vision of the world, she favours a softer approach to everyday life. This consumer is looking for experiences that are both virtual and real. She wants to maintain an element of uncertainty and chance. At once rebellious, instinctive and gentle, this consumer seeks out romantic details.

When choosing consumption spaces, she’s attracted to places with a softer side, connected and respectful of human wellbeing.

What interests her: sensitive to artistic and ethical initiatives.

Glam Resilient

Aware that she lives in a society which is dealing with climate issues, this consumer is sensitive to initiatives to improve the situation and conditions faced by the planet. She wants to remain glamorous and chic, nevertheless, through a combination of desirability and durability. She is sensitive to the codes of an accessible and desirable version of luxury, as well as the responsible initiatives implemented by brands.

This woman is interested in initiatives that combine attractiveness and hyper-seduction with a virtuous dimension.

Her key strength: body positivism. She embodies this movement which has invaded sport and taken over social networks. Crossover bands sculpt the silhouette. An ideal way to celebrate the physical potential of all body-types, boost confidence and reject comparison.

Listen back to the podcast of the Carlin Creative Trend Bureau conference with Virginie Corbasson to find out more!


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