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6 July 2017

You are the icon of the woman wearing a red swimsuit in the nineties (90s). Today we are seeing a big come back of this swimsuit, a mythical piece. What do you think about it?
I love one piece swimsuits. High cut. I used this as a reference for my new lengerie line with coco de mer. Long legs – are more beautiful.

Today are you rather:
One-piece or two-piece swimsuit?

I like both – I love a crisp white mens shirt tied and Bikini bottom only.

Classical swimsuit or “jewel” swimsuit?
I don’t like too much bedazzled .. I love simple, pretty, tanned oiled skin- In white or black. My favorite. I love pastel colors. Baby pink, blue. Red is my lucky color. I must be prepared to wear red. It is always life changing.

Sober style?  or total beach look?
I love St Tropez in the 60’s. Scarves, wicker bags. Big sunglasses. Belted dressses. Gingham.
I love it all – barefoot

Could you describe your own “swim dressing”?
I love a sexy piscine. Like at Hotel Costes in Paris To swim naked is the best. Privée-
At the beach. I’m with my dog ZuZu – and a tennis ball.

What are your tricks to be “pretty” at the beach?
To not care what people think. Be you. Don’t be shy. Ha

You are going to open your own vegan restaurant in Saint-Tropez next 4th July. What is the importance of this project for you?
It is a labor or love, I want to offer an alternative to the french food full of animal product. Tres difficile. Butter, cream. Christophe Leroy is an amazing chef. He has had some ups and downs in his career like we all do – but I believe in 2nd chances and making amends. His food is the best vegan food I have tried. He will not disappoint. We will not disappoint. It is the future. It is a political statement to chose vegan food.
Good for you. Good for the environment and anti establishment.

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