In conversation with Sarah BENSSERAJ, Lingerie/swimwear buyer, Le Bon Marché.

6 January 2020

Where do you get your inspiration in Paris and further afield?

I grew up in the South of France so I was very used to seeing people wearing bikinis, swimsuits and beachwear from a young age. I developed a real taste for that type of garment and the swimwear sector in general. My childhood is a really important source of inspiration.
Paris is an inspiring city by definition. All you have to do is wander through the streets, visit the different neighbourhoods. Fashion itself is inspired by Paris. You can find a different look, style or trend on every street corner!
Fashion Week is also a huge source of inspiration for me. I visit the showrooms, trade shows, I go to parties and runway shows to track down the latest trends.
And finally, Marrakech. It’s the most inspiring city for beach fashion. Caftans are going to be big this season. Whether in linen or cotton, all the brands will be doing them in lots of different colours. Marrakech is enticing, it opens up new horizons.



What’s the latest brand you’ve discovered?

We found the Rejeanne brand very recently. Specializing in period panties, it was perfect for the Bodypositive theme of last September’s lingerie exhibition. We created an 8-week pop-up for the brand and our customers were delighted. It was such a success that we decided to include the brand in our range.

Brands with a body-positive message are here to stay. Women are feeling good about themselves now!


A brand you’ve fallen for lately?

Love Stories. It’s a really refreshing brand, with a bit of a designer feel. It’s feminine, sexy and the prints are fabulous.
The colours and styles are very modern and look great on all different skin colours, body shapes and sizes. Their size range is extensive, including large cup-sizes.
They also offer feminine and sexy garments for wearing out.
Because lingerie is about treating yourself.
Love Stories also creates nursing bras to accompany women at every stage of their lives.

Love Stories

Your key fabric for winter?

Definitely organic cotton! It’s a timeless fabric: there’s no season for wearing cotton!
From briefs to bralettes and bodysuits, cotton is the ultimate comfort fabric and wardrobe must-have.


How long have you been coming to the show?

 I’ve been visiting the show for 2 years, since I began to work at Le Bon Marché.
When I arrive at the show, the first thing I do is visit EXPOSED. I know that’s where I’m going to pick up a new trend, a new brand.
You get to discover, or even rediscover brands, garments, collections. I’m interested in working with promising new brands on an exclusive basis.
I also visit all the major brands, Chantelle, Lise Charmel, Andres Sarda… to see their new products. Trade fairs are also about putting on a show.

The latest brand that caught my eye? About. I loved it. I knew we were onto something straight away. We had an exclusive contract with them for 2 seasons after discovering them at the show. It’s a brand that cares about health and the environment, a brand with a feel-good factor.

Sarah Bensseraj

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