DARQUER: Emergence of the calaisian leader of lace by combining its 3 historic houses Darquer, Noyon & Desseilles

27 September 2019

GROUPE COCHEZ has the honor to announce the creation of the company DARQUER whose goal is to bring together the 3 major lace makers in Calais that are DARQUER (1840), NOYON (1919), DESSEILLES (1947).

This historic concentration shows the Calaisian will to continue to mark the creative and industrial footprint of the lace sector in all its manufacturing components (weaving & knitting), products (outwear & lingerie) and R & D to expand the market of this noble fabric of which Calais is the world reference.

This grouping operation is led by GROUPE COCHEZ, an industrial group in the north of France employing 300 people, active in industrial trades of regional tradition such as metallurgy, industrial logistics and now textiles as the majority shareholder of the company DARQUER.

With a total workforce of 115 (creation, manufacturing, support) and a large industrial site located in the center of Calais city, the new entity DARQUER is armed to serve its national and international customers in a concern for operational performance, quality products and customer satisfaction.

Established in 1840, DARQUER, as the oldest active brand of lace made in Calais, now takes on a new meaning by becoming the unifying spearhead of a new expansion of lace made in Calais on a worldwide scale.

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