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27 June 2017

The KN Karen Neuburger brand of comfortable and stylish sleepwear, is excited to present their new collection of well made, comfortable lounge and sleepwear this year at CURVENEWYORK.

Karen Neuburger has always known that a woman is at her best when she feels strong and confident – ready to take on the world. That starts with a good night’s rest in sleepwear known for its exceptional comfort and in silhouettes designed for a woman’s body.

The brand’s founder Karen Neuburger formed her namesake sleepwear brand in 1994. She has always believed that the best moments in life are experienced in pajamas – whether baking cookies, wrapping presents, or cozying by the fire, pajamas have always symbolized togetherness, comfort, and warmth. With that in mind, Karen set out to develop a line that brought those feelings together, offering all day comfort, in all day sleepwear.

It wasn’t long after that this idea caught on. In 1997, Karen sent her pajamas to Oprah and she soon became the company’s greatest fan. For the first airing of her new show, ‘Oprah’s Favorite Things’, she wore Karen Neuburger pajamas and applauded the cozy, comfortable, relaxed fit. Since her inaugural appearance, Oprah has continued to feature KN Karen Neuburger sleepwear, making the brand a prominent name, and giving birth to the #streettosleep all-day sleepwear revolution.

In honor of National Pajama Day this year, KN Karen Neuburger donated new sleepwear to the Coalition for the Homeless. Victoria Vandagriff, President of KN Karen Neuburger said “Having new pajamas is something we celebrate every day here while many women in our community have to go without. We were thrilled to be able to remedy this with our donation.”

Today, the KN Karen Neuburger brand maintains its position as an industry leader in the women’s sleepwear category, and continues to offer fun, colorful prints in the most luxurious fabrications, bringing comfort and happiness to all who wear them.

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