Bott make desirable lingerie without compromise

26 April 2022

From plunging bodysuits to comfortable bralettes, Bott Lingerie makes desirable clothing that does not compromise on principle.

“The framerican touch, unique in its kind”. That’s how Bott describes its founders, Danielle Siobhan Cole and Camille Besacier, who are American and French respectively. Danielle and Camille are long-time friends, who both hold a passion for crafting desirable lingerie and empowering women. The duo bring a hint of American grandeur combined with elegance of the French, and came together to found Bott as recently as March 2020.

The intention behind Bott is unique: a desire to refocus on the essential. That means prioritising responsible consumption, and sourcing fabrics from local French companies. There is also the small matter of “escap[ing] into a lighthearted and optimistic universe”.

“Above all, Bott was born to fulfil a desire for us to act on our passion”, the company says.

desirable lingerie bott

Bott Lingerie makes desirable clothing that does not compromise on principle. (Photo: Bott Lingerie)

Desirable lingerie without compromise

Bott as a company is clear on one thing: lingerie without compromises. “How?” the company asks, “By making super-comfortable, well-cut and durable lingerie thanks to the flawless expertise of the seamstresses of our partner atelier in Poitiers”.

Comfort and sustainability are two top priorities for lingerie buyers everywhere, which is something that Bott understands and embraces. Materials are made from 100% recycled material, be it from post-consumer plastic bottles or fabric scraps, with GRS and Oeko-Tex standard 100 certification too. “Good for the planet and gentle on the body”, the company notes.

Keeping matters sustainable starts at production. Bott is proud to be “MILF” (“made in la France”), with pieces 100% designed and made in the country. The company guarantees expertise, with special attention to the comfort of products. A big part of staying local is also to guarantee low CO2 emissions, while staying at a fair price.

Bott centres itself around sustainability by using recycled materials. “Our Italian laces and tulles are made from recycled fabric scraps spun into threads and then woven again”, the company explains. Meanwhile, items like the French jersey are made from recycled plastic bottles, which are reduced into beads and crafted into thread.

Comfort is key for Bott Lingerie

As well as sustainability, ensuring comfort is a top priority for Bott Lingerie. The company advocates a “wireless” approach, while ensuring good support for the wearer too. This, Bott says, is the ideal solution for “team no bra”, for those who want to upgrade their wardrobe with stylish and comfortable lingerie all year round.

Triangle bras from Bott are adjustable over more than 10cm in the back, and bralettes guarantee good daily support. The company is also proud to say that its elastics do not leave marks on the skin.

Recent collections such as “La Teuf” sum up the Bott brand best. Items like the super soft lace bralette come in distinct midnight green. The desirable piece features a wide, shiny lurex elastic band that can provide support for breasts up to size 95D, and for all everyday movements. There is a plunging gathered neckline which enhances the bust, and an open back adapts to low-cut outfits. The back also has a comfortable tulle too.

Meanwhile, pieces such as the wireless La Teuf Triangle Bra feature reinforced support, with sexy double cups (one in tulle, one in lace) and double straps to guarantee support. The back of the bra can be adjustable up to 10cm, perfect for shifting appearance through the seasons. Without hooks that open and close, the item can give wearers a comfortable fit that slips over the head with ease. What’s more, its soft and wide elastic in black, shiny lurex does not leave marks on the skin.

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