17 December 2021

By Andrew Bloch Fiorelli

Founded in rome in 1870, this fashion house has been committed to designing a chic nighttime wardrobe for over a century-and-a-half and is favored by the likes of the Agnelli family and american film director Wes Anderson. their managing director Andrew Bloch Fiorelli reveals the new way to wear pajamas.

How did the maison schostal story begin?

Two Viennese brothers, Leopoldo and Guglielmo, opened the first shop in Rome in 1870. Lazzaro Bloch, a close friend of theirs, quickly became its manager, then its director during the First World War period. His son Giorgio preserved the spirit of the brand. And today, I’m part of the fourth generation to carry on the same passion and determination.

How have pajamas become part of our daytime wardrobes?

We now take care to get dressed when we’re staying at home, and we no longer hesitate to wear these pieces when we’re out and about. We’ve noticed that our clients travel, go out to dinner and run around town while wearing our products. A pajama shirt with the sleeves rolled up can, for example, be worn outside, with a pair of jeans. The most important thing is to choose your accessories carefully to avoid looking like you just got out of bed. Adding a scarf, belt, bag or a pair of heels can easily transform a loungewear look into a dressier silhouette.

Has covid caused you to change the look of your collections?

We obviously continue to design the perfect pajamas for gentlemen, but after the first lockdown, we decided to create something new to brighten up the everyday lives of our clients who were stuck at home. We shook up our old habits by adding touches of color to our collection, with fabrics featuring bright shades, unique prints, and, particularly, strong visual contrasts, which are unexpected in pajamas. Like fuchsia with apple green, or orangeand-green stripes with pale pink…It was a risky proposition, but our clients have love dit.

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