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31 January 2018

Chaussette Lingerie & Badmode – Wassenaar – Par Veronique Schoorl-Evers

« Our comments are on the fair are off course very positive. It was again very well organized and the energy was positive. If there is something to comment about it would be the toilets, in our believe not enough. Also the tables and chairs around the lunchspots. There are really not enough seats for everyone. For the rest, nothing to complain about. Really every time, it is an inspirational adventure to have visited the Paris fair. Thank you so much and we will be there again in summertime ».


Les Dessous d’Apollon / Inderwear – Paris – Par Yannick Jahan

“This year, I particularly appreciated the progress made with the application that allows us to activate filters. For example, this meant I could identify men’s shapewear manufacturers, which I couldn’t have done otherwise, unless I covered all the stands in the show.”


Boutique Soie sur Soi – Perpignan – Par Stéphanie Urdialès

“First of all, thank you for your attention. We are in Perpignan and our shop has been trading for 28 years. We cover high-end lingerie, homewear, bathing and beachwear. As usual, we had effective organisation, a VIP welcome, support and direction for the airport and station shuttle departure… It’s always nice to do the lingerie show and have a more global overview of trends and find new designers and new brands.”



Les Dessous de Virginie – Lingerie Voisin – Douai – Par Virginie Voisin

“Our visit to the show was only very short because we came for Sunday only.
We had all our appointments taken for the full day and couldn’t do anything else, such as your parades or inter-sector event. We placed orders with new brands such as Unabella. ”


Planet Undies – Argentan – Par Thierry Potier

“Ease/speed of access with my badge received in advance. I’m happy with the exhibitors I managed to meet. I met up with some of my suppliers with whom I was able to discuss the current situation and learn about their new products. I had some interesting contacts with exhibitors I didn’t know. Happy overall. I come out of these bi-annual meetings with a better knowledge of the sector, ideas. The venue is accessible, pleasant. I don’t like the closed stands (not your responsibility), it doesn’t make sense to me when exhibiting, that is, you make the effort to show up and then lock yourself in a box. I systematically avoid these exhibitors. Something new for me this year, I used the conference podcasts, as I didn’t have time during the show to attend. So, after the show, I was able to enjoy their content.”


Esme Coquet Lingerie – East Yorkshire – Royaume-Uni – Par Jane Rozenbroek

« I would like to thank you for your kindness and wonderful hospitality on Sunday at the show lunch, I enjoyed chatting to fellow shop owners from the Uk. This trip was my 12th and I found a new brand from Italy which makes the most exquisite night wear (this was their first time in Paris) and it was good also to meet my long term suppliers and chat about moving forward with their brands. I look forward to seeing you again in January 2019! »


The brand Maison Lejaby 

«There is a very interesting dynamic in the sector, at last things are moving! ». «You can feel it, the visitors are open and frankly, we were not left wanting»

The brand Huit

« The attendance was good for this edition, the dynamic was too, with a great deal of orders », « What’s interesting too is that the exhibition is more modern, the trend spaces and special areas are really attractive, it’s good for everyone »


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