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23 October 2017

It’s a fact that men are more and more interested in fashion and shopping is becoming an enjoyable event for them. Moreover, today men want to express their individuality through style and clothing. The want to be elegant and open to new trends and they prefer more sophisticated options to the traditional jeans and a T-shirt.

Fashion standards are changing. Beginning in the 90s a mixture of male and female appeared and the unisex term was introduced. In 2016, the line between the women’s and men’s fashion became even more subtle with fine materials, elegant prints, and accessories in the ready-to-wear collections.

Coquetry has entered the men’s fashion world: Gucci showed refined men, with beautiful long hair, lightweight trousers, and silk blouses; Zara launched the Ungendered collection with clothes for both women and men; In London,  Selfidges opened the Agender Department, which continues to be one of the most successful areas in the store.

The underwear industry is following this trend. In advertising we see women wearing menswear and men wearing pastel colours like at Baldessarini; Zimmerli’s floral prints and cuts are suitable for both men and women; Ceceba presents pink boxers; and Teller shows conceptual socks with unusual textures!



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