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14 February 2019



Lavender Dreams is a premium pajama brand based in Peru. The brand is known for its ultra-soft cottons and simple yet elegant silhouettes. But how did the company begin? Learn more about Lavender Dreams and their mission:


“5 years ago, in a pajama party with friends, among the many fun things we were enjoying, we found ourselves laughing at each other’s pajamas. Each one was worse than the other, between the over-sized T-shirts with soft drink logos and someone wearing their grandmother’s nightgown, we couldn’t stop laughing.

The first years of marriage have gone by. Lingerie and sexy pajamas have been put away in cluttered drawers of forgetfulness. This made us wonder:

Why do we put so little effort into our pajamas, if we spend almost half the day in them?

Why not have beautiful and super comfortable pajamas to be at home and feel beautiful with ourselves?

Is being alone in the comfort of your home synonymous of dressing badly? 

Of course, the answer is NO. Lavender Dreams was created to provide, women like you, the most beautiful, in fashion and comfortable pajamas. We believe that you should be able to get back home after a long day at work, chores, children, coming and going, to rest comfortably and dream.

Lavender Dreams is a Peruvian brand that focuses on fashionable sleepwear. We are well known for using the best Peruvian Pima cotton, which provides an incomparable freshness, looseness, and comfort, as well as the finest alpaca fibers and wool for those colder nights.

DREAMS! Those we look forward to when we are awake or asleep, are what inspire each and every one of our collections. The way the fabric moves, the color palette, and the soft texture on your skin have been designed and made with care to allow you to feel closer to your dreams and wake up feeling better every morning. Just like Lavender, our pajamas are the perfect balance to rest better.”


soft  ♥  fresh  ♥  beautiful  ♥  unique

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