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7 June 2017

Maison Close: more than a brand, a philosophy and a lifestyle. Since 2006, Monsieur Le Français’ collections inspire a new impulsion to high-end erotic lingerie.

Imagining rich and sensual collections to glorify women, to make them desirable and mischievous, while maintaining an unparalleled comfort: such is the commitment of this avant-garde and subtly irreverent label, crowned Boudoir Brand of the Year in the United Kingdom in 2013, and Seduction Brand of the Year in France both in 2015 and 2016.

From the Condentielle collections’ Couture tonalities, to the Personnelle “second-skins” for every day wear, and cheeky lines of accessories: each fabric and detail is of the nest quality to provide optimal support.

Carried by subtle allusions to the Belle Époque libertinism, and constant references to Haute Couture, Maison Close radiates a strong identity and has caught the eye of the world’s most influential photographers, stylists and fashion icons, including Bella Hadid, Kate Moss and Rihanna, and conquer more than customers: fans.

Available in over 25 countries in prestigious boutiques and department stores, the Maison Close collections are also represented in their entirety at the brand’s Flagship Store, located since the fall of 2015 in the heart of Soho, in New York City.

Characterizing Monsieur le Français’ label  is elegance, allure and a touch of provocation. This embodies the concept of “Séduction à la Française”.

Monsieur le Français, founder and designer of Maison Close

With an artistic educational background, Monsieur le Français, also known as Nicolas Busnel, started his career in elegance marketing and PR in 1988.

Eighteen years later, in 2006, Nicolas Busnel launches his own brand of lingerie: Maison Close, opening the door to chic and erotic aesthetics.

With the ambition of reconceiving nudity, and allowing women to reinvent themselves in innovative and creative lingerie, Monsieur le Français lends his inspirations in varied universes and influences, and a strong imagery, such as Helmut Newton and Hans Feurer.

From one collection to another, placing lingerie at the heart of a woman’s style and fashion identity, the designer opts for sublime fabrics: chiffon, satin, veils, adorned with cheeky accessories.

Within a few years, Maison Close has become a success. Monsieur le Français is still very much involved in the artistic direction of the brand, designing each collection, attentive to every piece and every detail.

La Directrice, Jardin Impérial, Villa Satine, and many other declination, all revealing audacious luxury, and all imbued with an incandescent signature: Monsieur le Français

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