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31 July 2017


Women’s lingerie Brand established in Colombia since 1985.

Ellipse is owned by the Urrea Jimenez family (group), a group with a long market trajectory in the women’s lingerie business in Latin America.

Design, quality, detail oriented and perfect fit, are our top priorities; this is reflected in our exclusive designs using top notch fabrics and technology, making this a complete sensory experience for women buying our lingerie.

A woman that uses Ellipse lingerie feels:

  • Unique, recognized, appreciated, satisfied, important.
  • They trust us and feel close to us

An Ellipse woman tells us:

  • “Went in for a bra and left feeling a renovated woman”
  • “Ellipse has garments that feel like a second set of skin”
  • “Your stores are spectacular, its filled with small details”
  • “They know me and know what garments fit me and are better for different special occasions”
Dreamers Universe

Focused on the romantic woman, very feminine that looks for indulgence and takes care of every little detail.

Ellipse wants to inspire every woman’s dream at home, work, social and personal environment.

These are garments that promote security so they feel that no goal or dream is unreachable.


Our icon and insignia garment:


With high technology, provides comfort and the perfect silhouette.

Can be used as an interior or exterior garment.

Mysterious Universe

Sensual, without being sexy. Mysterious because I don’t reveal everything, but at the same time, there are little surprises. Discrete.

“I want to dare more, without taking a full leap into the bold”. Changing step by step.

Essentials Universe

Very comfortable garments, with high technology that can be used on a daily basis.

Basic garments without neglecting special feminine details.

Cover Ups

Complete line of swimwear, beach wraps, and accessories with elegant details for a feminine and glamorous woman.

Innovation in fabrics and prints.


Fresh, comfort and elegance for resting moments.


Light fitter that molds and stylizes the figure with luxurious fabrics that provide freshness and feel soft when used.

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